April 12, 2009

There is something deeply touching about being alone. This can only be felt by a certain type of person. Most would wander aimlessly around their living rooms or kitchens, unable to contain their pent-up feelings of boredom and loneliness. However, there is a rare few that, when alone, are ensconced in their isolation, reveling in utter blankness.
This creature that is not only opposed, but quite amiable to hermitism knows something more than others. He knows what it is to be silent, thoughtful and heart-wrenchingly independent. To outsiders, this is often mistaken as a flaw, something to work against. But to the willing hermit, the state of existing outside of peers is innate, intrinsic, something beautiful that can blossom if properly cultivated.
It’s also something that can never be fully explained or understood by the hermit himself, rendering him and his actions confusing and often ridiculous-seeming to the outside world.


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