small changes

November 9, 2007

I’m convinced that if my name was Lola, everything would be better.  “Lola,” friends would say, “boys love you.”  “Lola,” other friends would say, “girls love you.”  I would be a subtle bisexual with the ability to charm and deceive.  My eyes wouldn’t have that red tinge, either, if my name was Lola, the redness that betrays the countless days I’ve spent trying to pretend it doesn’t hurt to look at people.  If I was called Lola, I would drink red wine at room temperature and like it.  I would wear fur and have a driver.  My hair would be blonde and my skin olive, perfect.  I wouldn’t be completely shy and self-conscious and would occupy myself with thoughts of how wonderful last night’s dinner party was.  I would denounce jeans and insist on wearing pantyhose under everything.  My lips would be naturally rosy and full and would distract the bicylists riding down Market Street.  There would be several catastrophic biking accidents every day due to this.  I would smile, shrug and know by the expressions on the bloodied faces that I was forgiven.  I would appreciate snow and rain and would look beautiful wearing scarves.  My name would look more at home on the jacket of a book if it was Lola.


One Response to “small changes”

  1. pjm said

    Regina would be proud.

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